Training Tools

At Trainers by Design, we always want to be learning and trying new things. To help make this happen, we have invested in a plethora of training games, equipment and resources. You can see our full catalogue here.

We also post reviews of the equipment here, to assist those utilising them in future.

“These are a lot of fun and seem to remind adults of what it’s like to be a kid – getting them in the mood to play. I used them in a game show and you could see the thrill people get out of this simple, inexpensive training gadget. The AA batteries are a bit fiddly to put in, you need a small screwdriver to get the battery compartment open, so if they broke down in a training session you would be stuck. However this minor quibble aside, I give them a rating of 4 stars!” – Kathleen O’Rourke

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