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As part of our commitment to developing training throughout our District, our club designs, tests and develops session plans for trainers to deliver. Whilst these have been written to support our members to deliver successful educationals to Toastmasters clubs, any Toastmaster is welcome to use them. If you do use them, we would love some feedback on how useful the session plan was and the success of your training!

Success Communication Series: From Speaker to Trainer (click here to download all resources: Powerpoint, Handouts, Worksheets & Session Plan)

How did we do this?

November 2014 – We unpacked the Toastmasters Success Communication Series module “From Speaker to Trainer”. We asked what the module would look like if it was delivered to a club who needed to lift the quality of their educationals, and had given us 15-20 minutes of their agenda (rather than 5 hours as the session indicates). As a group, we designed a 15-20 minute version to suit these needs.

November 2014 (2 weeks later) – Karyn delivered the session as we had designed it. As a group, we debriefed on the effectiveness of the session. How well had it met the outcomes? Which activities worked and why? Which ones didn’t work so well and needed tweaking or removing? Had we allowed enough time for all of those activities within that session?

January 2015 – Club members and visitors took the session plan notes, feedback from the first delivery and in groups, discussed the outline. Together, we developed a set of materials to form a package and a thorough trainer’s session plan so that anyone could deliver this module to their club.

February 2015 – The training package, edited, revised and polished, was uploaded to our club website and made freely available for any Toastmaster to use.

Why did we do this?

This experience allowed us to learn about adjusting delivery to suit particular audiences, contexts and purposes. We learned to review the content of a Toastmasters package and identify the need-to-know information. We experienced the instructional design process (designing training) and saw what the product of this process looked like (training delivery). Through our training debrief, we learned to polish and edit a training session. And finally, we challenged ourselves to develop a session plan and notes that any trainer could pick up and use.

By making our product freely available, we are contributing to the global Toastmasters community and knowledge base (which helps us to meet the Purpose of our Club). This is a living, breathing, collaborative learning experience: which is what we specialise in.

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