Trainers by Design Training Tips #1

The Trainers By Design sample meeting was the first time we’ve seen training tips in action. It is an impromptu speaking opportunity – 1-2 min – to focus on training tips. The Toastmasters at the Trainers By Design sample meeting got really excited about sharing their training tips. The tips shared are summarised below.

      Own your own (and bring to each of your training sessions):

    1. Stopwatch
    2. Clicker
    3. Extra batteries
    4. i-pad use application timer on fire for countdown
    5. Trainers Session Notes
      E + P = L

    1. Engagement + Participation = Learning
      Control the Audience / Students:

    1. Eg. ‘I know that Peter knows the answer. Let’s hear from someone else…..’

    1. Arrive early enough to set-up and feel relaxed
    2. Visit first to confirm layout and logistics and see and test the equipments
    3. Check floor plans and physically look to ensure there aren’t any surprises, like pillars
    4. Handouts – be sure you know they are prepared and presented correctly, eg are they stapled, collated etc
      Ensure you have engaging eye contact with your learners
      Be flexible and change content according to the participants (think on your feet)
      Have spare copies in hard copy so you can change your presentation style should you experience technical difficulties
      If training in tandem, ask someone with a completely different personality to assist in keeping learners engaged and connecting more fully with different personalities and learning styles
      Learn to write on white boards / flip charts by standing to the side
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