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The Trainers By Design sample meeting was privileged to be delivered an educational on representational systems and sensory based language. Many toastmasters already know Eric Pace who delivered the educational as an accomplished trainer. By first establishing ur primary sense he was able to focus our attention on how use sensory based language to improve our speaking and training.

Which Sense Are You?

Eric began his presentation by asking everyone what they first noticed when they arrived at the club. The answers were slotted into one of a number of columns drawn up on the flip chart.

Those columns represented the sense we described with what we first became aware of when entering the club – be it a sight, a sound, a smell, a taste, a feeling, or other. Yes we did have some others!

How To Use The Information

When we had become aware of what our primary sensory intake is, Eric went on to explain how we can use language to appeal to all senses. Members of the meeting were called out to describe Eric’s pictionary drawings using visual, sound, feeling, taste and smell language.

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You can do your own Representational System Questionaire

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