‘My FBI’ Training Wheels

The 4 step reality changer ‘My FBI’ was delivered by Oksana Eremina, in the training wheels session, to assist us when facing difficult situations. Oksana covered the aspects focus, experience, meaning and body / breath to take us through a simple 4 step check that can be a reality changer when we most need it.

How Do You Deal With Difficult Situations

Experience – most important is not what happens but how you place a meaning upon it.

Meaning – You are always in charge of the meaning you place upon any experience. The ideal is to stop and look at the facts. However we often go into future meaning and emotion. Limit yourself instead to the facts not emotions or catastrophising.

Focus – Where is your focus. Think of martial artists when breaking a board. Their focus is beyond the board. We can all harness the power of focus but we have a tendency to get trapped in a past focus or a future focus rather than what is now.


What Do I Want Instead

When you find yourself in a situation that seems hard to get out of simply ask yourself “what do I want instead?”

This doesn’t give the how just what you want. When you say what you want the how often becomes avaiable.

M – Meaning
F – Focus
B – Breath
I – What do I Want Instead?

That is the 4 step reality changer ‘My FBI’ as presented by Oksana for her training wheels.

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