Session Plans

As part of our commitment to developing training throughout our District, our club designs, tests and develops session plans for trainers to deliver. Whilst these have been written to support our members to deliver successful educationals to Toastmasters clubs, any Toastmaster is welcome to use them. If you do use them, we would love some feedback on how useful the session plan was and the success of your training!

Success Communication Series: From Speaker to Trainer (click here to download all resources: Powerpoint, Handouts, Worksheets & Session Plan)

Meeting Roles

To help you prepare for meeting roles, please click on the link to the meeting role description, objectives and manual connections below:

Training Warm Up/Icebreaker

Meeting Facilitator/Chair

Timer and Editable Timing Sheet

Bootcamp Revisiter

The Reality Check-In

The Pitch with Fast Feedback

The Researcher with Real Help

Training Wheels

VET Made Easy

Instructional Design (ID) Facilitator

ID Lead Trainer (now with example notes! NEW)

ID Debrief

Unpack a Training Activity

Feedback Facilitator

And you can download the full Meeting Roles Guide here.

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