Life or Death by Powerpoint Educational

At the exact moment Wendy White was delivering her powerpoint educational there were 30 000 powerpoint presentations being done in the world. Knowing how many deliver ‘death by powerpoint’ that means a lot of bored people in audiences at any moment in time. Wendy delivered a series of tips on how to use powerpoint when presenting.

In the Beginning

Know your equipment – have your own, know how to use it and have backups.

Qualify who you are.

‘B’ key blacks out and brings back the screen

Prior Preparation

  • Know your time limit
  • Be relevant to the audience
  • Use templates
  • Survey audience at sign-up, or pre-qualification
  • Design
  • Images – clipart is out professional pictures are in


Have an opening – make it memorable.

Make a point / tell a story
Make a point / tell a story
Make a point / tell a story

Memorable close and/or call to action.

Creating Slides

  • Keep design basic and simple
  • Beware the font and size – sans serif >30 point
  • Choose colours wisely – significant contrast between background and text. easy on the eye
  • Be consistent the whole way through
  • Do you really need transitions, animations and sound
  • Check spelling

Avoid Text Heavy Slides

Limit yourself to 5 lines, and no more than 10 slides. Make your point quickly.Try an image and 1-2 words for eye catching interest. Never use slides as your notes – know your stuff

Final Tips

You don’t always need to be safe. You can be entertaining and can tell stories that help get the message across.

Keep the audience in mind and practice.

Keep it simple seriously.

Wendy’s tips on life or death by powerpoint

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