Goals Based Training Tips

When delivering training it is great to set goals at the beginning of the session so everyone understands what the objectives are and what they can expect to get. It is important to build rapport with an audience especially if delivering training. To really establish a pattern of effective training it is vital to seek trainee participation. Christine Jansz kicked off our Training Tips session with this focus on goal setting.

Training Tips Suggested

How You Dress – know your audience and dress appopriately

Speak up or down – again change your speaking style and language to be suitable to the audience

Look and language can help build rapport.

Be Like Them – we all like people like us – to build rapport to get results be a person like the trainees that they’ll respect.

Be authentic

Get to Know Audience – set goals, so goals are relevant to the audience. Can ask the audience to set expectations of outcomes. Ask questions to get to know the audience to enable tailoring of the material to the audience.

What They Want to Get – ask trainees to put into words what they want to get out of the session so that at the end you can review whether or not they got it.

Feedback – involve feedback in everything you do because including feedback helps learners ‘get it’.

Look for the Child Within – HAVE FUN WITH IT

Once again great training tips – remember training tips is our ‘impromptu’ speaking round so come prepared to aim to speak for 1-2 minutes when delivering a tip.

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