CBD Speechcraft

Become the Speaker and Leader you Want to Be

Speechcraft is a short course designed to teach public speaking and leadership skills. The Speechcraft courses run in the Sydney CBD are primarily intended for employers and employees who need to quickly enhance presentation skills whilst boosting their self confidence.

These courses are run on Monday evenings over 3 hours a night for 6 consecutive weeks.

Book now for the last 2 courses in 2017:
June 26 2017 to July 31 2017
October 9 2017 to November 13 2017

The Objectives of Speechcraft are to:

  • Develop and enhance public speaking and presentation skills
  • Develop and practice the techniques of impromptu speaking
  • Organise and deliver a prepared speech with no signs of nerves
  • Develop a poise, confidence and leadership potentially you may not know you have

You Will Learn How to –

  • Organise, prepare and deliver an effective speech
  • Construct and supply an answer to an impromptu question
  • Gain audience attention with an effective opening, body and conclusion
  • Introduce a speaker in a professional manner
  • Effectively project your voice, use gestures, and body language
  • Keep those butterflies flying in formation by controlling nerves
  • Be dynamic by knowing the needs of your audience
  • Use a microphone
  • Use visual aids, such as white board, an overhead projector, and a flip chart
  • Use Powerpoint and a data projector

Benefits of CBD Speechcraft

Upon completion of the program you will have developed:

  • Effective and professional preparation and presentation skills
  • An awareness of the non-verbal aspects of public speaking
  • Increased poise and confidence in public speaking
  • The ability to deliver an impromptu and prepared speech
  • A professional approach to speaking commitments
  • Increased confidence when using microphones and visual aids

Speechcraft is specifically designed for people who want to improve their communication skills and self confidence. Whether it be for the formal business environment, or purely as a personal goal, participants will gain important skills in preparing and delivering presentations with self confidence and style.

The Speechcraft Course Registration Details

The speechcraft courses are conducted over 6 consecutive Monday nights between 6pm and 9pm.

The next course dates are:

June 26 2017 to July 31 2017
October 9 2017 to November 13 2017


The cost is $500 per person.

Full payment is required prior to the starting date of all Speechcraft courses. Click here to register.

For Further Information:
Email or phone Nick on 0403 244 144

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