Training Tips – Training Room Setup

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Guide on the Side – Room Setups for Presentations & Training – One Size Does NOT Fit All

By Marie Wallace, Published on January 1, 2002

  • Select a seating arrangement to support the event and presenter’s goals.
  • Provide comfortable chairs. [Read more…]
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10 Tips for Training Management

In our last meeting Kerry Lambert shared her tips for managing disruptions in the learning environment.

Here are her 10 tips on Classroom Discipline and Management

  • 1.Starting with a poor discipline plan – set the standard from the beginning
  • [Read more…]

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Goals Based Training Tips

When delivering training it is great to set goals at the beginning of the session so everyone understands what the objectives are and what they can expect to get. It is important to build rapport with an audience especially if delivering training. To really establish a pattern of effective training it is vital to seek trainee participation. Christine Jansz kicked off our Training Tips session with this focus on goal setting. [Read more…]

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Trainers by Design Training Tips #1

The Trainers By Design sample meeting was the first time we’ve seen training tips in action. It is an impromptu speaking opportunity – 1-2 min – to focus on training tips. The Toastmasters at the Trainers By Design sample meeting got really excited about sharing their training tips. The tips shared are summarised below. [Read more…]

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