Example Session Notes for Evaluation Workshop

Early in 2015, one of our members conducted a 45 minute workshop on evaluations. Here are the resources for you to use as you like:

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Training Packages from TBD

As part of our commitment to developing training throughout our District, our club designs, tests and develops session plans for trainers to deliver. Whilst these have been written to support our members to deliver successful educationals to Toastmasters clubs, any Toastmaster is welcome to use them. If you do use them, we would love some feedback on how useful the session plan was and the success of your training! [Read more…]

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Post Up Technique – Training Wheels

In our first meeting Jo Spiegelhauer used¬† the Training Wheels session to introduce us to the Post Up technique. It is a technique to generate great brainstorming session results. Each person brainstorms individually on post-it notes first. The post-it notes are then placed on a whiteboard where they can be discussed and grouped and organised into a plan. Read what we did in our session with Jo below [Read more…]

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