Make a Difference – 6 Times, 6 Ways

Did you learn anything? Well…what did you learn?

Ever been faced with question and suddenly been lost for words, or find yourself opening your mouth but only gobbledy-gook coming out? [Read more…]

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Self Assessments – Accurate or Not?

Have you ever been to a training session where you’ve had so much fun and feel like you’ve learnt so much…until you go to apply it later? [Read more…]

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You’re a Tool – Brain Based Learning Educational

The second educational in our sample meeting was ‘You’re a Tool’ by Belinda Faulkner. The message being that we are the strongest training tool we have. It is up to us as trainers to be engaging and to immerse trainees in the learning experience. It began with the difference between speaking and training, how to engage learning centres and the application it can have in Toastmasters educationals. [Read more…]

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