Be Memorable – Training Game

The objective of Kerry Lambert’s training game was to stimulate our thinking about what it is that makes the audience remember us and our take away points.

4 volunteers were asked to introduce themselves to us including their job, an interesting fact about themself and the names of 3 people they’d like to take to dinner.

The Volunteers

A tax accountant who had had plastic surgery and would like to take Brett Kirk, the cast of Glee and mum to dinner. Before we all go ah how sweet taking mum – mum was there to cook the dinner!

An educator who had met 2 of his 3 dinner guests – Noam Chomsky, Dalai Lama, Nelson Mandela.

A guitar loving owner of 7 guitars and 1 ukelele would like to have Mick Jagger, Kelly Slater and Phil Jackson to dinner.

The linguist among us can say 25 words in 25 different languages and would have Buddha, Peace Be Upon Us All and Jesus to dinner. However then we changed to include some more pop culture guests Rhiannon, and Scarlett Johanson.

The Memorable Result

We were then asked as a group to shout out who we could remember from the guests. A range of names came back but certainly not all guests nominated were remembered.

What Affected Our Memory

  • Last speaker remembered first
  • If we were given a reason for the choice
  • Where we had a common interest
  • Where the guest was familiar to us
  • Intrigue and wanting to know more

The Take Aways

People will remember what you said last so make it important.

People will remember what is relevant to them and interests them so always be relevant to your audience.

When faced with a hostile audience – present something familiar and get to know them.

An interesting training game well tied back to the point behind doing it.

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