About Trainers By Design Toastmasters

Trainers by Design is a Toastmasters club in District 70.


Trainers By Design meets on the 3rd and 5th Saturdays each month, except where it clashes with a District event such as the annual conference. Our meeting dates are available on the calendar to the right.

Toastmasters is a non-profit educational organisation. Members learn communication and leadership skills at Toastmasters. Trainers By Design is an advanced club – open to dual members OR Toastmasters who have completed the Competent Communication (CC) manual.

The Why

Trainers by Design was formed –

“To provide a Forum for Members to learn, develop and enhance their training knowledge and skills through active participation, inspired educationals and facilitated feedback”.

Do You Need To Be Qualified?

Members do not need to hold training qualifications or to work in training. It is enough to be passionate about and interested in training. Every Toastmaster moving into club and district leadership roles is involved in training on some level.

You will get –

What members will get is an opportunity to lern new skills and improve or enhance existing skills, in both training and facilitation. There is the possibility to complete Advanced Manual speeches that may not be possible in your usual club setting.

If you are interested in training and being a better trainer – come to Trainers By Design.

Sponsorship Policy

Trainers by Design is often approached to sponsor things in District or for clubs, and we have therefore adopted the following sponsorship policy:

Requests for sponsorship by Trainers by Design Toastmasters Club of Toastmasters activities that will help to advance the mission of a Toastmasters Club or District must be submitted as follows:

  • 2 months notice from District or the club requesting our sponsorship must be given for requests to be considered (marked from the date the funds are needed, not the date of the event – ie. if the printing is happening 2 weeks before the event, then we need 2 months notice before that date)
  • the requester must state:
  1. what Trainers by Design is being asked to sponsor and why
  2. the amount we are being asked for (or a quote if the exact figure isn’t available)
  3. what acknowledgement and advertising opportunities TBD will receive for its sponsorship.

Requests for sponsorship can be submitted to: trainers@trainersbydesign.org.au

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