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The same training can generate different results in the workplace solely based on the different learning style people have. This is something that Dianne Sammut began investigating to determine why some of her trainees got it and some clearly didn’t. Dianne gets all staff to complete a learning styles questionnaire. Interestingly she has found half are one style and the remainder are a mixed bag of all other learning styles.

The Seven Learning Styles

  • Visual – prefer images, pictures, spatial understanding
  • Aural – prefer sound and music
  • Verbal – Linguistic prefer words both spoken and written
  • Physical – Kinesthetic use body, hands, sense of touch to learn
  • Logical – Mathematical, reasoning, logic, systems
  • Social – Interpersonal prefer to learn in a group, or with other people
  • Solitary – Intrapersonal prefer to work alone and use self-study.

Whilst no one is purely one style, we usually have a dominant style.

Our Learning Style

Dianne had us complete a questionnaire that you can find at Advanogy.com

We then evaluated our own learning style and compared it to what we had written down at the beginning of the presentation as what we thought it was.

The Reason

The reason we did this exercise was because we need to be aware of learning styles when training people. It is important to understand that different people learn differently and to cater to this.

On a more personal level we were all encouraged to improve on our learning by leveraging what we knew about our own learning styles.

A great educational on the 7 learning styles

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