10 Tips for Training Management

In our last meeting Kerry Lambert shared her tips for managing disruptions in the learning environment.

Here are her 10 tips on Classroom Discipline and Management

  • 1.Starting with a poor discipline plan – set the standard from the beginning
  • 2. Fairness – treat all students equally, You won’t get respect without it
  • 3. Deal with disruptions with as little interruption as possible
  • 4. Avoid confrontation in front of students, in the classroom environment there is always a winner and loser, as the teacher you need to keep order and discipline, it is must better to deal with discipline in private, don’t let a student lose face in front of their peers.
  • 5. Stop disruptions with a little humor, sometimes all it takes is a good laugh to get things back on track
  • 6. Keep high expectations in your class, expect people to behave, start the day with direction and objectives
  • 7. over plan, avoid free time, have additional activities planned
  • 8. Be consistent- one of the worst things you can do as a teacher is not to enforce the rules or standards you started with
  • 9. Make rules understandable, be consistent and fair and not have to many
  • 10. Start fresh everyday- don’t assume that if someone was disruptive yesterday they would be disruptive today.
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